Precast concrete & over dimension transport

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Our specialist teams based in Auckland and Christchurch are seasoned professionals who are dedicated to making your project come together. We have the right equipment and approach to make the most complex jobs seamless.

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Expert precast & oversized load handling

Our experienced operators are well equipped to transport precast concrete panels and other overdimension loads as efficiently as possible, minimising the likelihood of cracks or flexing. From initial planning through to scheduling, transport and delivery, our clear communication and web-based dispatching system will keep you in the know start to finish.

Pre cast transport

Complete precast logistics services

  • Expert transport advice during design and tender phases for integrated logistics planning.
  • Strategic planning and scheduling tailored to the unique dimensions and weight of your precast elements.
  • Advanced notice of delivery schedules, ensuring coordination with all project stakeholders.
  • Transparent, real-time shipment tracking through our web-based dispatch system.
  • Continuous delivery capabilities with our extensive fleet, maintaining project momentum.
  • Commitment to best industry practices in product care, safety, and compliance during transport.

Looking for an end to end solution?

We offer full third-party industrial logistic solutions with transparency and real-time reporting start to finish. Because better logistics makes for better business.

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