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Our crane truck fleet is the largest and most diverse nationwide. We have the tools for the job.

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Small crane trucks

Our small crane trucks are suitable for small loads and tight sites. With these trucks, we can get into confined spaces and lift just about anything. The crane is front-mounted, which allows for longer loads.

Best for

  • Moving spa pools over fences
  • Shifting sleepouts and playhouses
  • Commercial Heat pumps
  • Pallet deliveries
  • Lifting furniture
  • Structural beams
  • Landscaping supplies
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Mid-size crane trucks

Our mid-size crane trucks feature a high payload and can tow a trailer adding to the payload. These trucks have the crane mounted on the rear and typically carry building products and empty containers.

Best for:

  • Containers
  • Wood
  • Panels
  • Sheeting
Small crane truck

Large, heavy lifting crane trucks

If you need a shed, sewage tank or a similar large concrete structure, our large heavy-lifting crane trucks are ideal. The large crane is mounted at the rear of the sizeable truck. 

Best for:

  • Sheds
  • Sewage tanks
  • Wood and concrete support
Long crane truck

Long load crane trucks

Our long load crane trucks have cranes mounted on tractor units. We tow semi-trailers with them and can take loads as long as 20 meters.

Best for:

  • Houses
  • Portacom
  • Steel tubing
  • Building supplies

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