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For years, Mackleys has been a trusted partner in transport and logistics. With bases in Auckland and Christchurch, we offer nationwide coverage and a wide range of industrial capabilities. Our team is dedicated to working with you to find and carry out the right solutions for your logistics challenges

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What you can expect from us

At Mackleys, we aim to be more than just a service provider; we strive to be a strategic partner in your business success. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to last-minute changes and complex logistics, ensuring your specific needs are met. Leveraging state-of-the-art tracking and reporting systems, we keep you informed at every stage, offering peace of mind and enabling better decision-making. With years of experience and a track record of reliability, you can trust us to handle your logistics safely and efficiently. By choosing Mackleys, you're not just opting for a logistics provider; you're selecting a partner committed to your business's growth and success


Customised transport solutions

Every client’s needs are different. That’s why our approach to transport and logistics is to tailor a solution that matches your business’ unique requirements. When providing these bespoke solutions we consider budget, timeframes, efficiency and innovation to ensure we maximise outcomes for your business.

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Transparency and predictability

Get end-to-end oversight of your logistics. By harnessing data from all stages of your products journey we aim to give you total visibility of your products journey with Mackleys. As we accumulate data on your logistics requirements we use this information to evolve your solution. Real-time reporting ensures consistently high levels of service are maintained.


Committed to health and safety

We are a trusted partner in health and safety. The safety and health of our workers, visitors and the public is essential to our business; as is the safe transport of your cargo. That’s why health and safety is firmly integrated into Mackleys’ policies and practices. We have a comprehensive system in place, which is implemented across all our operations.

Looking for an end to end solution?

We offer full third-party industrial logistic solutions with transparency and real-time reporting from start to finish. Because better logistics make for better business.

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