Our Team

Scott McAlister

Director - National Sales and Business Development

Mobile: 021 901 060
Office: 03 384 1719                                                       E-Mail: scott@mackleys.co.nz

Scott has a deep understanding of the transport sector gained from spending his entire career in the industry, going right back to working with his father during primary school holidays. As National Sales and Business Development Manager of the Cleeve Group, he is responsible for strategic direction, and general oversight of both Cleeve Transport and Mackley Carriers. His vision for Mackley Carriers is to provide the high quality service expected of a family-owned company, while meeting the best standards of corporate expectations.


Richard Wearne

Operations Manager

Mobile: 021 290 0779 
Office:033841719                                                              Email: richard@mackleys.co.nz

Richard has been with Mackley Carriers since 2000 and is responsible for overseeing the drivers, systems and day to day running of the fleet.  Richard is very organised and focused on ensuring that the business provides the great service to its customers which they have come to expect.

Kate Johnston

 Customer Relations Manager

Mobile: 027 630 1900 Office: 03 384 1719 Ext 8
Email: katej@mackleys.co.nz

Kate controls the Mackley Carriers container division, both domestic and import/export.  Kate's knowledge combined with her strong organisational skills and passion for dealing with customers means Kate will find the best solution for your container transport needs.


Jonny Brown

Transport Manager

Office:03 384 1719 ext 1                                     Email:jonny@mackleys.co.nz

Johnny joined Mackleys in June 2009 as a crane truck operator and has since gained considerable experience across the entire fleet. In transitioning into the dispatching role Jonny's previous experience has equipped him with a unique and thorough understanding of the industry and its requirements, which is demonstrated in his ability to provide astute solutions to our customers.

Mark Collins

Precast/Overdimensional Manager

Mobile: 0272 325205                                                   Office:03 940 2446                                          Email:mark@mackleys.co.nz

Mark manages the company's precast concrete transportation, as well as much of the over-dimension work.  For larger projects, he will completely manage the transportation process, liasing between sites and the outside contractors to ensure the work is completed on time and as expected.


Josh Brown

Hiab Dispatcher

Office:03 384 1719 ext 1                                     Email: dispatch@mackleys.co.nz

Josh joined Mackleys as crane truck operator and has since gained considerable experience. In transitioning into the dispatching role Josh's previous a driving role has allowed him the inside knowledge of customer requirements and understanding of sites.
































Lofty Kirkman

Container Dispatcher

Office:03 384 1719 Ext 2                                         Email:containers@mackleys.co.nz

Lofty runs the day to day dispatch of the container fleet. Lofty was previously a driver of the fleet which has allowed him the inside knowledge of customer requirements and understanding of sites.